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Mitchell C. Reid is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing in the Richmond area for approximately 10 years.  He earned his doctorate from Howard University in 2010 with a focus in child clinical psychology.


Additionally, Dr. Reid has studied the impact of masculinity, gender development, and family functioning on substance use and mood disorders. Dr. Reid has presented at several conferences and has been published in the Journal of Men and Masculinity and in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Dr. Reid has been completing comprehensive psychological evaluations to assess for mood disorders, autism, intellectual disabilities, anxiety disorders, and other pathologies for the past nine years. Additionally, Dr. Reid provides individual therapy and group therapy for children and adults who suffer from trauma and/or are experiencing mood dysregulation. Future research interests include the relationship between mindfulness, physical fitness, mood disturbances, and general well-being

Qualifications and Certifications

  • School of Graduation/Degrees Obtained 

    • B.A in Psychology Hampton University (2000)

    • M.S. in Psychology Virginia State University (2005)

    • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology Howard University (2010) 


  • Licenses/certifications and licenses/certifications numbers that pertain the mental/human behavioral health and substance abuse fields

    • Licensed Clinical Psychologist (2012), Virginia License # 0810004560

    • Institute of Law, Psychiatry, and Public Policy, University of Virginia, May 2013, Full completion of  Juvenile Basic Forensic Evaluation training requirements, in accordance with Code of Virginia § 16.1-356. regarding evaluation of competency to stand trial.


  • Areas of expertise

    • Masculinity and Identity Development 

    • Child Psychopathology 

    • Assessment and Psychological Evaluations 

    • Interpersonal functioning/relationships 

    • Child development 

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