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Individual therapy and group therapy services will be offered to address clinical, social and family challenges. Interpersonal and cognitive behavioral approaches are the primary treatment modalities used to promote positive change in the patrons. Individual treatment plans and measurable outcome data will support the therapeutic intervention to help increase the effectiveness of the treatment intervention. Varying groups will be offered, based on interest. Some possible groups include; men’s group, trauma-focused group, anger management and identity development and each will have its own empirically-based curriculum to promote change.


A comprehensive assessment includes a cognitive, objective and projective measure to assess for depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, behavioral disorders and other clinical diagnoses. Additionally, trauma-based evaluations will be utilized to assess for post-traumatic stress disorders and anxiety disorders. The trauma-based evaluations will aid in developing appropriate interventions and treatment modalities for individuals who have been victims of or a perpetrator of sexual assault as well as those who have experienced trauma related incidents. All assessments will utilize empirically-based measures to create diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations.

Supervision & Didactic Training

Graduates, students and working healthcare professionals will be given the opportunity to participate in supervision for licensure as an LCP or LCSW. Other licensed professionals will be on staff to provide supervision services in the future. Students and other professionals can seek supervision and consultation for a monetary fee or for voluntary services. Healthcare professionals and community organizations can contract with the center for didactic trainings on a variety of topics including, but not limited to ethics, psychopathology, assessment, family functioning, development, autism, etc. The extent, duration, topic, fees, etc. will be determined on an individual basis.

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