Fitness Coaching

Through Gridiron gym, individuals will have the opportunity to participate in group and individual training sessions with a certified Exercise Physiologist to help them reach their fitness goals. Additionally, the wellness/fitness plan will include a therapeutic component to help individuals overcome the emotional/motivational hurdles that may prevent them from reaching their goals. Each plan will be individualized to ensure one can reach their maximum potential and to properly assess for short-term and long-term progress. Patrons will also have the opportunity to participate in individual fitness classes (e.g., Zumba, weight lifting, strength training, etc.). Moreover, specialized treatment modalities will be implemented to address difficulties arising from recent injuries, maturation, obesity and other complications. Fitness goals and interventions will complement other services offered through the wellness center to provide patrons a robust experience.


Through Nourish Love Thrive, patrons will have the opportunity to receive three- and six-month nutritional counseling to address specific health and physical concerns such as adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, blood sugar imbalance, micro-nutrient testing, leaky gut syndrome, etc. Comprehensive detox programs, nutritional education, dietary planning and emotional support will complement the psychological and fitness programs offered through the center. Individual Coaching is offered in three or six month increments and group programs will be offered at six to eight weeks in duration. Again, these services will be provided individually or used to support other services the center offers to help each patron achieve their individual goals.

Process Group

Each individual will be given the opportunity to participate in weekly process groups. Motivation, environmental hurdles, self-motivation, dietary problems, and all other barriers to progress will be discussed. Participants will reference the past, but focus on the “here-and-now” in relation to the identified goals and their matriculation through the program.