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Fitness Coaching

Through Gridiron gym, individuals will have the opportunity to participate in group and individual training sessions with a certified Exercise Physiologist to help them reach their fitness goals. Additionally, the wellness/fitness plan will include a therapeutic component to help individuals overcome the emotional/motivational hurdles that may prevent them from reaching their goals. Each plan will be individualized to ensure one can reach their maximum potential and to properly assess for short-term and long-term progress. Patrons will also have the opportunity to participate in individual fitness classes (e.g., Zumba, weight lifting, strength training, etc.). Moreover, specialized treatment modalities will be implemented to address difficulties arising from recent injuries, maturation, obesity and other complications. Fitness goals and interventions will complement other services offered through the wellness center to provide patrons a robust experience.

Benefits of Therapy 

Mental health is extremely important to living a healthy and balanced life. It includes emotional, social, and psychological factors that affect how we think, act, and feel. Mental health also regulates how we make choices, how we relate to those around us, and how we handle stress. How we deal with the bulk of our emotions, both positive and negative, comes down to what state our mental health is in. It’s something that is important from childhood, all the way through adulthood.

Mental health problems are common, but there is help available. In fact, many people struggling with mental health issues are able to recover completely and go on to live happy and healthy lives after they’ve sought help.

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